She documented the last moments of her life… a video of an American woman dying in the snow

The pioneers of the communication sites circulated a video clip of a 22-year-old American woman, who photographed it herself and sent it to her family, documenting the last moments of her life when her car got stuck in the snowstorm in Buffalo, New York, USA.

18 hour blockade

The clip showed Andell Taylor while she was driving her car from work to home, on Friday afternoon, and her car was stranded in the snow, and she was trapped inside her vehicle for about 18 hours, amid a strong storm and very cold weather.

Taylor filmed two videos, the first in the evening when snow covered the windshield of her car, while the video sent around midnight showed heavy snow in the place where her vehicle was stuck. According to what was reported by the British Independent.

“She was afraid”

Taylo’s sister Shoneka told WCOS radio that the late woman had told her she was “scared”.

She added that the family lost any contact with Taylor after midnight, when she was found hours later dead in her car, becoming one of dozens of victims who died due to bad weather in the western city of New York.

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