She collects 5 pounds in two days and suffers from hunger. A famous Egyptian artist is crying out for help

The tragedy and severe suffering that the Egyptian artist Wafaa Makki is going through prompted her to seek help on to complain about the hard situation, as she asked for work to help her live and search for food and medicine for herself and her sick mother.

The artist, who participated in 86 artworks and dramas, and worked with the most famous stars of art in Egypt, spoke to about the reason for her disappearance and her suffering from hardship. She said that she had no work or a source of livelihood to spend on herself and her mother, who had cancer and could not move.

Wafa Makki

Wafa Makki

You suffer from hunger

She added that she is crying out for help and assistance in facing her circumstances, as she obtained a loan of 31,000 pounds and an advance from the Actors Syndicate in order to get out of her crisis and is currently paying, but she was unable to do so, in light of the accumulation of debts on her and the high prices of her mother’s treatment, noting that her house is not There is food in it and for days she suffers from hunger because there is no money with her.

Makki revealed that she stays for two days to collect 5 pounds, which is a very small amount that is not enough to buy a sandwich so that she can buy a bag of bread for her mother, expressing her anger at the artistic community ignoring her, and not using her in any artwork to be able to get out of her crisis.

She said that she participated in several films that contributed to changing some laws, such as the movie “Cheap Meat” with the artist Elham Shaheen, which discussed the phenomenon of underage girls marrying foreigners and treating their children as foreigners, which led to changing this law.

She also contributed to the movie “Against the Government” with Ahmed Zaki, who discussed the phenomenon of the compensation mafia in accidents that occur because of the government’s responsibility and pushed the latter to confront the phenomenon decisively. She also participated in the series “The White Flag” with the late able Sana Jamil, which discussed the phenomenon of demolishing archaeological and heritage buildings. And converting them into residential towers, and the government was able to issue a law to confront this absurdity.

Difficult conditions

She also indicated that her work was purposeful and did not engage in any regrets or otherwise, and she was working for 19 hours a day, demanding a return to work in order to overcome her difficult financial conditions, and an advocacy not to give in to the argument that the art market is supply and demand.

She said that a number of artists suffer the same thing and are ignored and not assigned any works to them despite their difficult circumstances and the accumulation of debts, confirming that she asked the artist Ashraf Zaki, captain of the actors, a lot to search for work for her and her promise, but so far it has not happened.

Great stardom.. and a case of torture

It is noteworthy that Wafaa Makki was born on September 12, 1966, at the age of 56. She obtained a diploma in commerce, and her start in acting was in 1985 by performing small roles, then she gained great stardom after performing the character “Mahja” in the series “Wolves of the Mountain”. Early 90’s.

She was accused of torturing her maid in 2001, and she was sentenced to ten years in prison with hard labor, but the sentence was later reduced to three years, so she graduated in 2004.

She participated in the films “Cheap Meat”, “Against the Government”, “The Last Scene”, “Except My Daughter”, “The Girls and the Unknown”, “The Dumb Witness” and “The Aesthetic”, and she also participated in the series “Wolves of the Mountain” and “The White Flag”. And “The Gate of Metwali”, “The Wall of Magra Al-Oyoun”, “The Spider’s Web” and “The Minister’s Daughter”.

Wafaa Makki participated in several plays, most notably “Al Roush”, “Ala Al Raseef”, “Web Guard” and “Dokki Yamzika”.

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