Shakira’s song spoiled Pique and Clara’s relationship…and a video he made with Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend

The former Barcelona star, Gerard Pique, took a picture with a famous model in Paris, who had been dating Cristiano Ronaldo for years, despite the attack he was subjected to by his ex-wife, Shakira, for dating Clara Chia.

After the song that Shakira launched and attacked Pique, media reports stated that his relationship with Shea had deteriorated, because of which he lost his marriage with Shakira.

Pique was taking pictures with Irina Shayk, the famous Russian model, while he was watching the NBA match, Thursday, between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons, which was held in Paris, despite the media follow-up he is exposed to after his ex-wife attacked him.

Ronaldo dated Shaik for years

And after everyone thought that the man was going to disappear for some time from the limelight, according to an expression Marca newspaper, SpanishPique appeared again, “as if he didn’t care about anything.”

The newspaper commented on this by saying, “Those who believe that do not know anything about the former football player and businessman,” referring to his indifference to what the newspapers say about him, and his ex-wife, who released a song that strongly criticized him.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Pique was always able to take any kind of attack or criticism against him and rotate it in a way that could always benefit him.

In recent days, Gerard Pique has hinted at seeking sponsorship from brands such as Casio and Renault after Shakira’s references against him and his new girlfriend in his song.

After the breakup, Shakira released a song “ridiculing” her ex-boyfriend, Pique, and achieved records that exceeded 71 million views after more than 24 hours.

Shakira noted in her song that Pique “exchanged Ferrari for a Renault, and exchanged a Rolex watch for a Casio watch.”

“not happy”

Although he was taking pictures and interacting with other celebrities, Pique wasn’t too happy at the event, according to Marca’s estimation.

The man was spotted several times with a pale face and distracted thoughts, as no matter how much he wanted to appear as if he did not care about the matter, “we have to bear in mind that his children are watching what is happening,” says the Spanish newspaper, which confirmed in the context that his attendance at the match was a breather for him after The uproar that accompanied his separation from Shakira.

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