Shakira and Miley Cyrus: What attracts in breakup songs?

  • Manish Pandey
  • Global News Beat – BBC


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Shakira spreads a kiss on the air

In the experience of separation, we are overwhelmed by a storm of feelings of sadness at times, and resentment at other times.

And in the face of that storm, we may resort to indulging in something, such as watching TV shows, or indulging in eating fast food, or we may resort to unloading our feelings in our notebooks.

And if you are a world-renowned musician, then you may resort to recording a song attacking your lover who left. Then you go to the internet and download that song, before you step back and see the result of what you did.

This is at least what the Colombian star did, Shakira, with her new song Out of Your League, “Higher Than Your Level,” in which she attacked her ex-husband, Gerard Pique, Barcelona defender. Shakira’s song broke records on the YouTube platform.

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