Shabu is a deadly substance.. What are the physical and psychological symptoms of its addiction?

The Erada and Mental Health Complex in Riyadh confirmed that Shabu material The drug is fatal, affects the central nervous system, and is considered a very dangerous narcotic substance in general, and leads to rapid addiction from the first dose, and dysfunction of the body.

The academy indicated that what the promoters are trying to portray about shabu is nothing but illusions that its belief causes the destruction of the individual, and the proven truth is that drugs in general, including shabu, are substances that lead to tragic consequences for the user and those around him.

Symptoms of Shabu Addiction

He indicated that Al-Shabu has many psychological and physical symptoms, including violence, criminal behavior, auditory and visual hallucinations, inability to make sound judgments, severe depression, and feelings of anxiety.

The physical symptoms are failure of kidney function, unjustified rise in temperature, premature aging, skin ulcers, rapid heartbeat, body tremors, digestive system disorder, in addition to irregular blood pressure, whether with a sudden rise or fall.

Shabu is fast addictive from the first dose - Creative Commons

The Irada Complex in Riyadh urged us to be careful not to fall prey to this destructive substance and other narcotic substances, to rectify oneself before it is too late, and to take the initiative to benefit from the treatment services provided by the Irada complexes and addiction treatment clinics in the regions of the Kingdom.


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