Sexual assault in front of the “camera lenses” .. The trial of a participant in a reality TV program begins

The trial of a participant in the Spanish version of the reality TV show “Big Brother”, accused of sexually assaulting another contestant in 2017, began Thursday in Madrid.

The prosecution demanded a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence and a compensation of 6000 euros, demanding the same amount from the program’s producers for the damage caused to the victim.

The trial was due to begin in February, but was suspended due to “psychological problems” that prevented the victim from testifying.

According to the newspaper “ABC” published in Madrid, the complainant at the time abandoned the accusation of her alleged attacker.

The scene took place during the filming of “Big Brother” (“Gran Hermano” in Spanish) in 2017, a program broadcast by Telecinco, the most watched channel in Spain.

The program is based on depositing a group of people inside a house and photographing them continuously, while the viewers exclude the contestants one by one.

The prosecutor accused another participant in the program, with whom she was in a romantic relationship for a period of “about fifty days”, according to the prosecution, of sexually assaulting her in a room in front of the camera lens, while she was “drunk”.

The Public Prosecution Office wrote in a statement that the young woman “raised her hand twice as if asking him to stop” and “said with faltering words (I can’t)”.

Just 10 minutes later, when the young woman lifted the quilt, “a member of the production team responsible for watching the videos” intervened when he saw the complainant’s “lethargy state”.

The case began two years after the facts, that is, in 2019, when the press revealed that the young woman was summoned to take her comment, the next day, on what happened in front of the camera in the so-called “confession” room.

A video clip of this “confession”, revealed by online media, showed the young woman begging and crying, asking to stop broadcasting the pictures.

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