Senator Christine Sinema defects from the Democratic Party

Democratic Senator Christine Cinema, from Arizona, announced her abandonment of the Democratic Party completely and her transformation into an independent state, which is a major blow to the party, especially with regard to the 2024 Senate elections.

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Charles Schumer announced on Friday that Senator Kirsten Sinema would be allowed to keep her committee duties, after she renounced her Democratic affiliation.

“will not affect”

Schumer added that Cinema’s decision would not affect Democrats’ control over Senate committees, including the power to issue subpoenas and overturn legislation without Republican support, powers that the Democratic majority gained after winning a runoff in the Georgia Senate this month.

Senator Sinema sits on the Senate Banking and Commerce, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs Committees.

And Cinema announced in an opinion article published by the Arizona Republic newspaper that she had decided to leave the Democratic Party in order to separate herself from partisan politics.

“The losers are ordinary Americans.”

“When politicians focus more on denying an opposition party’s victory than on improving the lives of Americans, the people who lose are ordinary Americans,” she wrote.

“That’s why I’m joining the growing number of Arizonans who reject partisan politics by declaring my independence from the broken party system in Washington. I’ve registered as an independent from Arizona,” she added.

It is noteworthy that there are two other senators who are known as independents, and participate in committees appointed by the Democratic leader in the Senate, who is Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Bernie Sanders and Senator Angus King.

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