“Semiconductors” .. a global struggle for “new oil”!

Over the past years, the world has realized that Semiconductors Like oil, it has become essential to modern economies, some even calling it the “new oil”.

The global race for semiconductor supplies has accelerated, especially between the United States and China, in order to maintain their economic and technological superiority.

A couple of years ago, “data” was the new oil. Today, the term “semiconductors” is the new oil.

In the past two years, the United States has realized that semiconductors are now a mainstay of modern economies, like oil prior to the Great Industrial Revolution.

Washington hastened to invest more than $200 billion to offset the significant decline in its market share from 37% in the 1990s to 12% in 2020. At the same time, China’s market share rose from zero to 15% and in Taiwan to 20%.

And the supply chain crisis that created a shortage of chips was a difficult lesson for the United States and the whole world!

Car manufacturers, for example, lost $210 billion in sales last year due to a shortage of electronic chips. An average car contains 1,200 chips.

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On the other hand, the escalation of the dispute between America and China raises concerns about China’s dominance in the main chip sectors, whether for civilian or military uses, and that the differences may prevent the United States from accessing the components.

Today, America prevents many American companies from sending the materials that China needs to manufacture semiconductors in an attempt to control the industry.

However, experts believe that the control of one party over this industry is not possible, and everyone pays the price of this conflict, because the semiconductor industry is a complex process that comes in different and expensive groups, types, measurements, and technologies, and depends on a multi-layered supply chain that covers thousands of inputs and many countries, so it cannot The United States produces all of these components on its own.

And it includes the list of the most advanced chip manufacturers, which represent the virtual brains of computers, smartphones and servers, is the Taiwanese company TSMC, and Samsung Electronics in South Korea comes in second place, followed by the American company Intel.

Memory chips are mainly made by US companies based in Asia, while analog chips or less expensive types are produced in the rest of the world.

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