Selling the most famous tea company in Egypt

The “Ekatera Tea Egypt” company, a subsidiary of the “International” company, has acquired the brand “Lipton tea” Egypt from “Unilever MashreqTo join about 34 brands of beverages.

Lipton’s range of products, one of the largest tea trading companies in the world, includes black and green teas, herbal teas, powdered blends and packaged beverages.

Menna Allah Sharkas, director of the global company’s branch in Egypt, “Ekatera Tea Egypt”, which acquired the Lipton Egypt brand, refused to comment on the deal and clarify its size, the position of the current employees, and the size of the stock of tea, according to the “Cairo 24” website.

According to the data of the new company that owns the Lipton tea company, its new unit was established in 2021, and it has 15,000 agents on 4 continents to serve tea to more than 600 million people daily in homes and cafes.

On November 10, Lipton decided to raise the prices of all tea products it supplies to the Egyptian market, from 50 piasters to 5 pounds for the second time in less than a month, in all packages weighing between 40 and 500 grams.

Unilever previously said in a statement last April that Lipton tea is entirely manufactured in the company’s factories in Egypt and exported to several neighboring countries.

Lipton tea has been owned by Unilever Egypt since 1991, to Engineer Rashid Mohamed Rashid, former Minister of Industry during the era of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, who relinquished his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company in favor of his sister, Hasna Mohamed Rashid, immediately after assuming the government position.

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