See video taken from a helicopter crashing into a second plane

A tragic video appeared yesterday, Wednesday, of the killing of 4 people and the wounding of 3 others in critical condition, when two helicopters collided last Monday near the city of the Gold Coast overlooking the state of “Queensland” on the Indian Ocean in eastern Australia, and in it a passenger of 4 who were in one of the two planes appears, as he pats the The pilot’s shoulder to warn him of the imminent collision with a second helicopter that was in the process of descending, while his plane was in the take-off position, but everything ended as quickly as it took to find a solution, and the four died on the spot.

The video, which was obtained by the Australian TV channel 7News, and broadcast yesterday, Wednesday, was filmed by one of the four passengers, when their plane took off, and at one point he moved his mobile phone camera to photograph the scene next to the take-off path, and then a passenger we see sitting behind the pilot noticed the approach of the second helicopter, so he patted his shoulder. Urgently to warn him, then he grabbed the pilot’s seat in preparation for a collision, which he confirmed was inevitably a reality, which is what actually happened, and then the filming was cut off with the death of everyone.

And the TV channel reported that the pilot, Michael James, was able to stabilize the helicopter and stay upright with the possibility of those on board suffering only minor injuries, but he was unable to do so, while the second helicopter landed on a sandy area after its main propeller hit the helicopter’s windshield. The second one, where the wounds were inflicted on those who were inside, including a 10-year-old child. Another 9-year-old child was wounded, in addition to a 33-year-old woman.

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