Secret messages from Washington to Kiev .. “They negotiated with Putin”

With the Russian-Ukrainian conflict entering its eighth month, with no signs of hope for a solution soon, and amid the decline in the enthusiasm of some European countries that lavished aid on Ukraine, it seems that United State Under the table began to send letters to Kyiv in order to urge it to negotiate with Moscow.

Sources familiar with this file confirmed that the administration of US President Joe Biden secretly encourages Ukrainian leaders to express their openness to negotiation with Russia and to abandon their public refusal to participate in any peace talks until after President Vladimir Putin is removed from power.

What if the fighting continues after years?!

Those sources also made clear that the US officials’ request is not aimed at pressuring Kyiv to come to the negotiating table, but rather a calculated attempt to ensure that Ukraine maintains the support of other countries that fear fighting will continue for many years to come, according to the Washington Post.

Biden and Zelensky (AFP - archive)

Biden and Zelensky (AFP – archive)

Also, she revealed that the discussions made clear how difficult the Biden administration’s position on the Ukraine file is, as he pledged US officials Publicly supporting Kyiv with huge amounts of aid “for as long as possible,” but in reality they are hoping for a solution to the eight-month conflict that has taken a heavy toll on the global economy and raised fears of nuclear war.

European concern

Although US officials endorsed the position of their Ukrainian counterparts that Putin is not currently serious about negotiations, they acknowledged that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s refusal to engage in talks with him has raised several concerns in parts of Europe, Africa and Latin America, which are regions where the impact of the ongoing conflict has emerged. For months, food and fuel costs have been significantly reduced.

Sullivan and Zelensky in Kyiv

Sullivan and Zelensky in Kyiv

This information comes as US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stressed during a visit to Kyiv last Friday that his country’s support for Ukraine will remain “steadfast and unwavering” after the midterm elections for Congress next Tuesday.

It is noteworthy that since the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory on February 24, Washington has stood by Kyiv, supporting it with humanitarian and military aid, pouring billions of dollars into arming Ukrainian forces.

European countries also sided with Ukraine, supporting it with weapons and equipment.

However, this conflict raised many concerns around the world, especially with the high rates of economic inflation, and the high prices of grain and wheat, as well as oil and energy.

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