Scientists succeeded in imitating the sun and producing clean energy that lasts hundreds of years

Scientists at a US government laboratory were able to imitate what is happening in the sun, to achieve a major breakthrough in extracting energy from nuclear fusion, clean and inexhaustible, that is, as the renewable energy of the sun has been happening non-stop for billions of years, according to the British newspaper “Financial Times”, today. Monday, citing 3 people familiar with what scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California have achieved.

Lab scientists, and others in other laboratories and science centers in much of the developed world, have been striving since the 1950s to extract energy from nuclear fusion “so that a small cup of hydrogen fuel can power a home for hundreds of years,” but no group has come up with a volume of Energy more than you used to experience it, only now it seems.

It is scheduled that US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm will announce the breakthrough tomorrow, Tuesday, in a press conference in which the US Undersecretary of the Department of Nuclear Security, Jill Hruby, will officially participate, according to what was reported yesterday evening on the American TV network Fox News, and the transmission of Dr. Arthur Turrell, a plasma physicist, He said: “If this breakthrough is confirmed, we will witness a historic moment, because scientists have struggled to prove that nuclear fusion can release more energy than the user (in the experiment), and it seems that the researchers in Lawrence Livermore’s laboratory have finally and absolutely achieved this goal,” as he put it.

Although the development of fusion power plants on a large scale is still far from reaching energy on a large scale, and it does not emit any pollution or long-term radioactive waste, as concluded by from its review of the Financial Times report. Today, Monday, however, the breakthrough achieved by US laboratory scientists will have major implications for the world’s quest to get rid of fossil fuels.

It could change the rules of the game for the planet.

A summary of what was stated in the Financial Times report is that the merger has led in the past two weeks to an increase in net energy by 120% in the laboratory, in a process that can be considered possessing the “energy of tomorrow” because it produces little waste and does not produce greenhouse gases, so wrote Congressman for California “Ted Liu On Twitter: “If this hack is real, it could be a game changer for the planet,” he said.

Fusion is known to be completely different from nuclear fission, and dealing with it is a technique currently used in nuclear power plants, which consists of breaking the bonds of heavy atomic nuclei to recover energy, where two light atomic nuclei “marry” to form a heavy nucleus, in a process with which part of the energy is liberated The two cores, however, no matter how small it is, it is sufficient to fill large needs.

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