Scientific Harvest 2022.. Changing the course of an asteroid and a “revolutionary” treatment for cancer

Scientists left an unforgettable mark during the year 2022, as efforts to return to the moon intensified again and laid the first building blocks for the Earth’s defense system in the face of celestial bodies, and while huge technology companies suffered a major setback, scientists succeeded in devising a new way to treat cancer.

The space

Last November, the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducted an experiment in which it launched the “Artemis” rocket, carrying a habitable spacecraft on board.

And “NASA” says that this step paves the way for the return of humans to the moon, and perhaps beyond.

“NASA wants to use today’s technology to inform people of the flight path and give the return to the moon a new character,” said technology and information security expert Shagali Jaafar, to “Sky News Arabia”.

And he considered that the time period for the settlement of the moon is still somewhat far away, because the capabilities available in space and the factors discovered there do not meet the minimum requirements for human life.

However, the expert said, “No matter how far the experience is, we benefit from it daily in our world, there are many sciences on earth that have benefited from these experiences.”

And in 2022, the population of the Earth will reach 8 billion people, which raises questions about the ability of humans to secure them against any celestial body that collides with their planet.

During the same year, “NASA” took practical steps towards protecting the Earth against any possible collision, as it launched the “Dart” probe on a suicide mission, the collision with the “Dimorphos” asteroid, 11 million kilometers from Earth.

The collision diverted the path of “Dimorphos”, in the first step of a future project to establish a space defense system that protects Earth from celestial bodies, which number more than a billion in our solar system.

James Webb

Last March, the “James Webb” telescope took the first accurate picture, and it was of a star located two thousand light years away, noting that the telescope began its mission at the end of 2021, after which it began to successively send pictures of the universe such as pictures of the “Pillars of Creation”, which are clouds of Gas, dust and stars.

The telescope’s images seemed amazing to many, and because it sees the universe from infrared rays, it is able to capture light that the human eye does not see.

Pure Chinese station

Also in November, Beijing announced the full operation of the Chinese space station, calling it the “Heavenly Palace”, which is the second largest permanently inhabited site in Earth’s orbit, and is valid for work for 10 years.

The station accommodates up to 6 astronauts. The station, which is called the “Heavenly Palace”, consists of a basic unit and two laboratories weighing 70 tons. It includes 14 internal experiment racks and 50 external outlets for space studies.

The Chinese space station aims to build a base on the moon and send new orbiters to Mars.

Jaafar said that China’s entry into this space battle was not a coincidence, as it benefited from being a manufacturing incubator for major international companies in the field of technology.

He explained that Beijing learned from this technology in order to break the polarity in the field of the space industry, especially since China is prohibited from participating in the International Space Station.

Stocks plummet and laid-off employees

On the other hand, the year 2022 was difficult for technology companies.

For example, “Microsoft” shares fell in the second quarter of the year by about 17 percent, which is the largest decline since 2010, and “Apple” shares fell by about 22 percent in the second quarter, in the worst performance since 2018. Its shares fell by 34 percent in the first quarter and 27 percent in the second quarter.

In all, investors in the technology sector lost $7.4 trillion based on the 12-month decline, according to the Nasdaq.

And after the American billionaire, Elon Musk, acquired Twitter, he began massive layoffs in the company, affecting 3,700 employees, equivalent to half of the employees.

Within days of Twitter’s decision, the competing company, Meta, announced the layoffs of 11,000 employees, equivalent to 13 percent of the workforce in the company that owns Facebook.

And Mita decided to continue to freeze new appointments until the first quarter of next year as part of a plan aimed at reducing spending, in light of the sharp slowdown in the digital advertising market and the fluctuation of the global economy, which faces recession risks.

Jaafar said: “With technology, people who believe in it are born, and the advanced age of some of them prevents them from keeping up with this high speed.”

He added that “unless you adopt innovations and a policy that can be devised, the Internet giants will lose their luster.”

The big hope

Cancer remains one of the most intractable dilemmas for final solutions, as it is a major cause of death around the world, killing 10 million people annually and infecting 20 million others, but the year 2022 brought great hope that these numbers could decrease.

And new hope is given to pediatric leukemia patients, as 2022 witnessed the first full recovery of a case that underwent the new type of treatment, which relies on genetically modified immune cells, coming from a healthy volunteer.

It is hoped that this technique, which he called “primary modification”, will open wide doors for the treatment of other types of cancer.

Quoted from Sky News

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