Schubert: Al-Ahly imposes a penalty on Afsha

The journalist, Ahmed Schubert, former vice president of the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that Al-Ahly club decided to impose a penalty on Mohamed Magdy Afsha, the first-team player in the Red Castle.

And Al-Ahly had won a penalty kick in the calculated time instead of lost in the Future match, Anbari to implement it, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, despite the presence of the specialized duo Ali Maaloul and Amr Al-Suleya in the stadium, and he hit the crossbar.

“Even if Afsha scored the penalty kick, but in the lectures before any match, the coach determines the order of those who take the penalty kick,” Schubert said during his Stadium On program on the Ontime Sports screen.

He added: “Ali Maaloul and Amr Al-Suleya were present in the stadium, and they are the specialized duo, and Afshah is the third penalty taker, and last week we had talked about Afshah, his resentment and anger.”

Schubert continued, saying: “The player decided to take the penalty kick on his own, and the coach himself expressed his surprise, so Al-Ahly decided to impose a penalty on Afsha according to the regulations .. I do not say jurisprudence, what I tell you is official information.”

Al-Ahly tied with its guest, Future, with a goal for one, in the match that was held this evening, Friday, at Al-Ahly Wei Al-Salam Stadium, for the seventh round of the General League.

This meeting is a repeat of the scenario of last season, in which Al-Ahly succeeded in winning the first 6 matches, before falling into the trap of a tie in the seventh match, in front of the same team and on the same stadium, and in the same way.

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