Save the children of cancer.. The hashtag of Hospital 57357 in Egypt leads the trend

In the past few days, the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt “57357” topped the search engine “Google” and became the talk of the Egyptian street and social networking sites, which launched a hashtag in its name, after news spread of the imminent closure of the great edifice that draws a smile on the faces of many children and their families.

The current crisis that “57357” is suffering from lies in the lack of donations, the high prices of medicines and the cost of treatment per child, due to the rise in the dollar, which made the cost 3 times, according to sources inside the hospital.

Hashtag 57357

In this regard, Dr. Sherif Abul-Naga, CEO of Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, explained that there are 300 million pounds in the hospital’s treasury, enough to operate for only 4 months.

Abu Al-Naga added, in televised statements on MBC Egypt, that the donations collapsed after the first flotation of the pound during 2016 and returned to their rates again, noting that in 2020 the hospital was exposed to the same crisis due to the Corona pandemic.

He also pointed out that the donations that come to the hospital did not decrease in value from previous years, but the costs of treatment increased significantly due to the change in the exchange of the dollar against the pound.

government and popular action

In order to support the hospital and ensure that it continues to provide support for sick children, the Minister of Solidarity in Egypt, Nevin Al-Kabbaj, made an inspection visit to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation – Egypt 57357 to discuss the crisis, and pledged that the Ministry would support this great edifice with all force, appealing to the private and investment sectors and all capable groups of the honorable sons of Egypt inside and outside the country to hasten to provide aid and support for this edifice that is threatened with closure.

A number of art stars, including Amr Youssef, Ahmed El-Sakka, Chico, Nihal Anbar, Mona Zaki, Dina El-Sherbiny and others, posted videos on “Instagram” to support Hospital 57357, and encouraged their followers to donate to the hospital.

It is noteworthy that the hospital decided in the recent period to limit the follow-up of children recovering from cancer until the age of 22 years, and this happened because of the crisis that the hospital suffers from, and this violates the medical protocol that Hospital 57357 has followed since its inception, and stipulates that a child with cancer is treated for 3 years in the hospital, It is being followed up to the age of 25 years.

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