Samsung Galaxy S23 can record smoother 8K videos

out of 200MP camera sensor on Galaxy S23 UltraSamsung may not Bring any significant improvement to the camera at the hardware level. However, we can still expect improved picture and video quality, thanks to a better chipset and improved software. The company will reportedly make 8K videos smoother.

according Ice Ice World (UniverseIce)Samsung will offer 8K video recording at 30fps. The Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22 series offer 8K video recording at 24fps. Therefore, 8K videos are shot with Galaxy S23And the Galaxy S23 +And the Galaxy S23 Ultra It will be smoother.

Some rumors have claimed that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature sensor-shift OIS, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, to improve image stability. However, we are not sure how accurate these rumors are. Some other reports claim that the Galaxy S23 series will feature improved white balance, higher detail, and improved saturation.

8K video recording is not the forte of smartphone cameras due to the lack of video stabilization, narrower dynamic range and lower frame rate. However, it is expected to improve in the coming years as sensors grow and ISPs (Image Signal Processors) within processors get more powerful.

Have you ever fired a 8K video using your smartphone camera? How satisfied are you with the feature? Tell us what improvements you expect in future smartphones in this regard.

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