“Russian missile barrages on the entire territory of Ukraine”…and a call to the population to stay in shelters

Today, Thursday, the Russian special military operation in Ukraine continues, as units of the Russian army strike the locations of the Ukrainian forces, while continuing Kyiv in an attempt to regain its lands that were controlled by Moscow with Western support.

In the latest field developments, an air alert was declared in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities in anticipation of Russian attacks, while the Ukrainian army reported that there had been Russian bombing targeting the city of Odessa, and Ukrainian media reported that a series of explosions had occurred in the city of Dnipro. The Prime Minister of Ukraine said that new Russian missile strikes target gas production.

The governor of the Ukrainian Odessa region said that a Russian missile strike targeted the southern region of the country for the first time in weeks, stressing that the strike targeted infrastructure, warning of the danger of a “massive Russian missile barrage over the entire territory of Ukraine.”

This comes amid media reports of explosions in other parts of Ukraine. And the governors of the Ukrainian regions urged the population to stay in shelters, as Moscow continued to threaten missile strikes.

The Russian Duma said Ukraine would be obligated to pay compensation for its attacks in Crimea, Donbass and Zaporizhia.

The US Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, said that the possibility of Ukraine pushing Russia to withdraw from its territory is slim.

Mark Milley

Mark Milley

He ruled out Ukraine’s ability to win now, and Milley confirmed that he encourages a political solution to end the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The US chief of staff added that Russia maintains significant combat capabilities inside Ukraine.

Speaking of negotiations, Milley said that President Biden was clear that Ukraine owns the timing and format of negotiations with Russia.

and field, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denied that the missile that fell in Poland was launched by his forcesHe called on Zelensky to enable his country to visit the site, and demanded that it be provided with details of the investigation into the incident.

This comes as Moscow called on Poland to stop what it described as anti-Russian auctions. The Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that the army did not hit any targets in the Ukrainian-Polish border area, and all of Warsaw’s statements about Moscow’s involvement are provocative.

Zelensky had accused Moscow of striking a farm in Poland yesterday, Tuesday, considering that this behavior was a clear message to the G20, “according to what France Press reported.”

On the other hand, a spokeswoman for US national security said that it is clear that the party responsible for the incident is Russia, “whatever the outcome of the final conclusions.”

The White House stated that Russia is ultimately responsible for the missile, noting at the same time that nothing contradicts the hypothesis that the missile that hit Poland was fired from Ukrainian defenses.

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