Russian forces are gradually making progress in Bakhmut

Reuters news agency quoted a US official as saying that the situation in Bakhmut, Ukraine, is unknown, pointing to the gradual progress made by Russian forces in the past few days.

The city of Bakhmut is located on the front line in Donbass, and is witnessing the fiercest fighting in Ukraine.

On the other hand, Moscow announced, on Wednesday, that 89 of its soldiers were killed on New Year’s Eve in a Ukrainian missile strike that targeted their center in Makivka in eastern Ukraine, noting that the “main reason” for Kyiv’s success in monitoring and targeting them is that they turned on their mobile phones contrary to instructions.

The previous official outcome was announced Russian Ministry of DefenseOn Monday, it reported that 63 Russian servicemen were killed in this missile strike.

HIMARS missile (AB)

HIMARS missile (AB)

At dawn on Wednesday, the ministry released a video recording in which its spokesman, Lieutenant General Sergey Severyukov, said that “the number of our dead comrades has risen to 89” after more bodies were found under the rubble.

He added, “There is currently an investigation committee to clarify the circumstances of what happened, but it is clear from now on that the main reason is that the military used and widely used their mobile phones in an area covered by enemy weapons, in contravention of the ban.”

In a rare admission, the Russian Ministry of Defense admitted, on Monday, that 63 of its soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian missile strike that targeted them on New Year’s Eve in the city of Makivka, which is controlled by Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

For its part, Kyiv confirms that the death toll is much higher than what Moscow has acknowledged so far.

Kyiv carried out this strike with the Himars missile launchers that it recently received from the United States.

On Tuesday, rallies were organized in Russia in honor of these military dead.

This heavy loss shocked Russian society and sparked criticism of the army.

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