Russia launches long-range missiles from “Philon” fighters on Ukraine

The Russian military operation in Ukraine continues today, Monday, as the Russian army is trying to extend full control over Ukrainian regions and strike the locations of the Kyiv forces, while the Ukrainian forces are trying to regain their lands with financial and military assistance from the West.

In the latest developments, the British Ministry of Defense announced that Russia used fifth-generation Sukhoi Phyllon fighters in Ukraine, as it launched long-range missiles from Phyllon fighters at Ukraine.

On the ground, the Ukrainian army announced launching 27 air and missile strikes on Russian sites during the past 24 hours, adding, “We forced the Russian forces to remain in a state of defense in the axes of Zaporizhia and Kherson.” He also pointed out that Russia is launching heavy attacks in Bakhmut, Liman and Kobyansk, and is targeting residential areas in Kherson with missile launchers.

The Ukrainian army also announced the destruction of military equipment coming from Belarus and targeting its maintenance centers, and indicated that Belarusian soldiers are participating in the maintenance of Russian weapons and tanks.

And before that, the Ukrainian army denied what Moscow said about 600 of his soldiers were killed In Russian bombing of Kramatorsk, in the east of the country.

A spokesman for the Eastern Command of the Ukrainian army, Sergei Cherevaty, said that the Russian forces do not have the ability to launch a highly accurate strike, denouncing what he described as the Russian media operation in the face of the Ukrainian successes, as he put it.

The Ukrainian official added that the Russian bombing of Kramatorsk targeted civilian infrastructure, without causing casualties.

On Sunday, the Russian forces announced that they had carried out a retaliatory strike for the dead in the bombing of the city of Mikivka, as Russian fighters bombed two locations for the gathering of Ukrainian forces in the city of Kramtorsk.

There were 700 Ukrainian soldiers stationed in one of the sites, and 600 soldiers in the second. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the death toll is more than 600 Ukrainians.

The steadfastness of two major cities

In the context, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday that the Ukrainian forces are repelling the continuous attacks on the city of Bakhmut in the eastern Donbass region and are maintaining their positions in nearby Solidar in “very difficult” conditions.

Zelinsky added in his videotaped speech this evening, “Bakhmut is steadfast in spite of everything. Despite the destruction of most of the city due to the Russian raids, our soldiers are repelling the continuous Russian attempts to advance.” “Solidar is steadfast despite the massive destruction, and things are very difficult,” he said.

Leopard tanks to Ukraine

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck announced that Berlin cannot rule out the delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine as well as heavy combat vehicles to support the Ukrainian armed forces.

The German minister’s remarks come two days after Berlin announced its desire to deliver about 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine before the end of March.

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