Russia and Ukraine: Will the US Patriot Missiles Give Kyiv a Tangible Military Advantage?

  • Chris Patridge
  • Weapons Analyst – BBC

Patriot missiles

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Patriot missiles were used to deal with the Russian-made Scud missiles used by Iraq in the first Gulf War

The White House confirmed that Ukraine will acquire the Patriot missile defense system in order to be able to counter Russian attacks with missiles and drones, prior to the arrival of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Washington on Wednesday.

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian war last February, Ukraine has received various Western air defense systems, the most important of which are shoulder-launched Stinger missiles, and more advanced radar-guided and thermal-tracking defense systems. The missiles received by Kyiv provide an advanced level of protection against various threats.

The Patriot defense system is a new step in the same direction, which would enhance the country’s ability to confront Russia’s superior military machine.

Of course, these missiles will not be a magic solution, but they have very great capabilities, in addition to being effective and high cost. Each Patriot missile costs $3 million, which is roughly three times the value of a single missile used in the NASAMS air defense system. Two NASAMS units entered service with the Ukrainian army several weeks ago.

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