Russia and Ukraine: The New World Order and the Rise of the Centrist Powers – Financial Times

Erdogan and bin Salman

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British newspapers issued Thursday dealt with a number of issues, including the impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the rise of new international powers such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the start of the journey to recover from the economic and social effects of Covid 19 after three years of the epidemic, and a blood analysis that facilitates the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

We start with the Financial Times, whose editorial was titled “The New World Order and the Rise of the Centrist Powers.” The newspaper says that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine this year put an end to the post-Cold War reconciliation between Russia and the West. Rivalries between the United States and China have also increased, as Beijing ramps up military pressure on Taiwan and Washington tightens controls on technology exports to China.

The newspaper believes that the growing competition between the Western alliance led by the United States and the Russian-Chinese axis provides opportunities and threats to the “central powers”.

As Washington, Brussels, Beijing and Moscow try to steer world affairs in their direction, they should pay more attention to the views of centrist powers such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and South Africa.

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