Russia and Ukraine: Putin humiliated in Kherson, but Zelensky must warn of overconfidence – The Sunday Times

Ukrainian forces

picture released, AFP

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Ukrainian forces surrounded the Russian army in Kherson and cut off supply lines to force it to withdraw

We start the press tour from the Sunday Times and a report written by Mark Galeotti entitled: “Putin is insulted in Kherson but Zelensky should beware of overconfidence.”

The writer says that Putin’s decision to withdraw from Kherson may be a turning point in the war, not because of the fate of this broken city, but for what might happen later.

Moscow hopes to slow the progress of Ukrainian forces, at a time when Kyiv smells of a major victory, and the West fears that the rapid and successful progress of the Ukrainians could push Putin to escalate.

The writer believes that the Ukrainian army was wise enough to force the Russian army to withdraw, after hitting its supply lines and besieging it.

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