Russia and Ukraine: Kyiv doubts Moscow’s announcement to withdraw its forces from Kherson

General Sergei Sorovikin, Commander of Russian Forces in Ukraine with the Minister of Defense


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General Sergei Sorovikin, commander of Russian forces in Ukraine, with the Russian Defense Minister during the announcement of the withdrawal

The Ukrainian authorities questioned Russia’s announcement of withdrawing its forces from Kherson, noting that it expects the fighting to continue to control this major city, which Moscow captured at the beginning of its offensive.

Kherson’s withdrawal constitutes a major setback for Moscow, which was forced to abandon the Kharkiv region in September.

These developments came as Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 21 ordered the mobilization of about 300,000 reservists to reinforce the Russian lines.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday evening that his country was looking “with great caution” at the announcement of the Russian withdrawal. “The enemy does not give us gifts,” he added in his daily message to the Ukrainians.

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