Russia and Ukraine: How will tanks coming from the West change the face of the war in Ukraine?

American M1 Abrams tanks

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American M1 Abrams tanks are faster than most Russian-made tanks

Is this the week the war turned dramatically in Ukraine’s favour? To be sure, this was a defining moment, with a coalition of Western nations finally confirming their readiness to field newly built MBTs.

Germany has announced that it will send “Leopard 2” tanks, and the United States said it will send “M1 Abrams” tanks.

Both Britain and Poland have made concrete pledges, and other countries are expected to follow suit. Some commentators described the move as a potential “change agent”.

But is this really enough to stop the war?

Ben Barry, a senior researcher at the British International Institute for Strategic Studies, told the BBC that Western tanks would make a difference. But Barry, who also served as a former brigadier general in the British Army, also cautioned that the pledges made were unlikely to be decisive.

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