Riyadh Newspaper | A recommendation to increase the beds of mental health and addiction treatment in Riyadh

A recommendation to increase the beds of mental health and addiction treatment in Riyadh

At the conclusion of its fourteenth session, the Psychopharmacology Symposium recommended increasing the clinical capacity in the field of mental health in proportion to the increase in the population size in the Riyadh region, and that the treatment of withdrawal symptoms should not be limited to mental health hospitals so that large public hospitals have an important role in this because they are equipped with intensive care departments, Emphasis on the importance of accredited programs in clinical pharmacy, specifically psychopharmacology.

The recommendations of the Scientific Committee for the symposium organized by the Erada Complex and Mental Health in Riyadh in cooperation with the Horizons e-learning platform included increasing interest in community awareness for the prevention of addiction, and the importance of aftercare centers and the middle of the road and marketing rehabilitation services in them in order to achieve continuity in abstaining from drugs and enhancing the motivation of the beneficiaries of these services .

It also recommended strengthening preventive services in the early detection of mental disorders in all age groups, and expanding virtual clinics to facilitate the beneficiary’s access to the service while providing the service of delivering medicines to his residence, in addition to intensifying psychological community programs such as home health care that reduce relapse rates.

The recommendations stressed the importance of community awareness about reducing the number of hours an individual spends on social networking sites to avoid negative effects on mental health, increasing interest in early intervention in behavioral therapy for autistic children, and educating parents about the need to know the mechanism of dealing with autistic children by attending training courses in autism centers. or specialized associations.


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