Reuters: Ali Maaloul embodies “Charles Dickens’ novel”

The famous news agency, Reuters, devoted a report on Ali Maaloul, a player for Al-Ahly club and the Tunisian national team, explaining that his position in the Red Castle is very different from his position in the Carthage Eagles battalion..

And Reuters stated in its report on Maaloul: “Perhaps the case of left-back Ali Maaloul can be compared to the story of two cities by the English writer Charles Dickens, between his position in Al-Ahly and the Tunisian team participating in the World Cup.“.

He added: “If I mentioned Maaloul’s name in front of any Al-Ahly fan, the first thing that comes to his mind would be the word “contact for Maaloul,” in reference to the throw of petition that paved the way for the goal of winning over Zamalek in the final of the century against Zamalek in the African Champions League in 2021.“.

Reuters indicated in its report, which was published by the Emirati newspaper Al Bayanto it Since the 32-year-old joined Al-Ahly in 2016 from Sfaxien, he has become indispensable, and won many local titles, and his team suffered without him in the Champions League final in 2017 and 2019.

And she continued: “But when he was in front of Zamalek on the historic night of November 27, he made the first goal for his colleague Amr Al-SulayyaAnd theContributed to the second goal when he pressed to retrieve the ball and got a side throw, which made Al-Ahly fans start the story of that goal of “Contact with Maaloul”“.

She reported that the situation is different in the Tunisian national team, as Maaloul finds strong competition to play in his favorite positionand in Last year, during the Arab Cup, he found himself with an injury on the bench in favor of Amine Benhamida, the Esperance playerand did not He participates under the leadership of former coach Mondher El Kebir only when Tunisia wants to increase the attacking side because of his prowess in starting and sending cross passes in addition to the possibility of making play for others.

And the report continued: “The start of the African Nations Cup was encouraging for Maaloul, with Munther Al-Kabeer relying on a 3-5-2 plan against Mali, where the veteran player participated in the starting lineup, but Tunisia lost 1-0.DoSee you in the 4-0 win over Mauritania in the next match, before the Corona virus infection kept him out of the team“.

And she continued: “The player, born in Sfax, returned to participate as a substitute in the second half against Burkina Faso, with Tunisia trailing 1-0, as his country was eliminated from the tournament from the quarter-finals.And theThe great coach left and Jalal Al-Qadri took charge in February against Mali in the last round of the World Cup qualifiersAnd theMaaloul was in the starting lineup for the two matches as Tunisia qualified for the finals.”

And Reuters continued: “Maaloul continued to be in the starting line-up in the 1-0 win over Comoros in a friendly match in September, but he returned to the bench to make way for Turkey’s Qasim Pasha’s Morteza Bin Ounas in a 5-1 loss against Brazil.“.

And the report concluded: “Maybe Maaloul’s participation in the starting lineup or not depends on the way Tunisia plays in Qatar in Group D, which includes defending champion France, Denmark and Australia... In Doha, Ali Maaloul will realize which side of the story of two cities is.”


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