“Resignations from the intelligence services and officers asking for change” .. Brotherhood rumors to cause chaos in Egypt

continued Brotherhood The banned, and in agreement with the opposition leader residing in Turkey, Ayman Nour, spread rumors about Egypt and the Egyptian security services in preparation for causing chaos, unrest and demonstrations on November 11th.

The group launched new rumors to strike Egypt and shake confidence in the political and sovereign institutions, as it announced the existence of resignations in the intelligence apparatus, and the presence of a current of the military rejecting the political and economic conditions in the country, and it promoted this through its electronic militias and the accounts of the group’s media on the communication sites and pages of the “Ghad al-Thawra” party, which It is headed by opposition leader Ayman Nour.

It turned out later that all this information was false and unfounded.

Ayman Nour

Ayman Nour

Allegations of a popular strike

According to private information to Al-Arabiya.net, the group’s leaders, in arrangement with Ayman Nour, prepared scenarios for what it described as the revolutionary movement on November 11, based on exploiting the economic situation and rising prices to bring about what they claim is a limited popular strike and in areas where Brotherhood members are heavily present, creating Opportunities to clash with the security forces and ignite armed clashes that result in deaths and injuries, so that they can be used in the media to escalate against the Egyptian authorities internationally.

The information revealed that the group and Ayman Nour issued statements calling for the mobilization, and according to its allegations, it appealed to former officers to participate in the revolutionary movement, claiming also that these officers announced a new project for change to delude citizens of the existence of anger and objection within the state institutions and its effective organs, which allows them to encourage participation in the chaos.

The information indicated that the statements of the group and Nour, which began to be published since the first of this November, will focus in the coming days leading up to November 11 on addressing those whom it described as “those who previously participated in the revolution of January 25 of the year 2011” to participate again in the new movement , and work together to make it a success, according to their description.

It also called on students, workers and others to participate claiming to end the negative economic conditions and restore the economic prosperity that the country was in during the era of the group’s rule, according to their allegations.

pro-group satellite

Meanwhile, the leader, Ayman Nour, owner of the pro-group “Al-Sharq” TV channel, admitted that the new “Freedom 11-11” TV channel, also affiliated with the Brotherhood, which will broadcast the demonstrations, will be broadcast from Vietnam, amid information indicating that he is behind its launch and management for the account of the group and with direct funding from them. .

Nour launched, on the pages of his party, new allegations and rumors of statements of support and support for chaos in Egypt from youth and revolutionaries in Algeria.

The Turkish authorities had A number of Brotherhood members and journalists were detained and interrogated and including them on the terrorist codes, and demanded them to stop incitement against Egypt, and after their exit, the group’s members and media did not comply, They continued the escalation and incitement against Egypt And calling for demonstrations and chaos on November 11, spreading rumors and lies.

Brotherhood media and the Turkish authorities

Hossam Al-Ghamry, the released Brotherhood journalist, revealed that Saif Abdel Fattah, the Brotherhood leader and former advisor to Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, intervened with the Turkish authorities to release him, adding that he went out to complete his role in the mobilization for the Friday, November 11 demonstrations.

The journalist did not wait long, as he immediately began, through his page on the communication sites, incitement against Egypt and the call to spread chaos, and explained how to go out to demonstrations and use certain alarm machines to gather, and start gatherings with the aim of confusing the security services and preventing them from dispersing them.

Although Turkish instructions to restrict Brotherhood media activities The broadcast of criticism against Egypt from Istanbul satellite channels was prohibited, but the group, specifically the Mahmoud Hussein Front and the Change Movement, continue to coordinate and plan demonstrations and cause chaos in Egypt.

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