Republicans are close to a majority in the House of Representatives.. 209 seats

Although not all results have been released yet, it seems that the Republican Party is heading for a majority in US House of Representativeswhile anticipation still prevails for the Senate

Republican seats in the House of Representatives rose Thursday to 209 compared to 191 for Democrats, according to the latest results.

While the majority holder must obtain 218 seats, out of 435

fierce competition

In the Senate, competition is fierce, with numbers converging. In the latest results, the Republican Party won 49 seats, compared to 48 for the Democrats.

But the final line-up is now suspended on 3 seats: Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, which may require several days to count the votes.

However, the camp of Democratic President Joe Biden, 79 years old, snatched from the Republicans the seat that was most contested in this election.

US elections (figurative-istock)

US elections (figurative-istock)

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman won after a tense evening and an arduous vote-counting process, giving Biden hope to retain control of the Senate, where Republicans have so far enjoyed a slight lead in opinion polls.

The polls in the midterm elections closed Wednesday morning in all states.

When are the final results?

While the final results are not likely to appear soon, as millions of Americans are awaiting who will win the majority of seats in both parts of Congress (Representatives and Senate), and the position of governor in 36 states, after they voted to choose 35 seats in the Senate, and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives.

Five states also held referendums on the right to abortion!

It is reported that after a fierce bipartisan blue and red campaign, centered on inflation and price hikes as well as fuel, abortion and other issues, Republicans were confident of depriving Biden of his majority in Congress, especially as his popularity was declining.

But the Democratic Party managed to some extent reduce its losses, better than expected, and prevented former President Donald Trump from creating a “broad tide” in Congress.

It is noteworthy that the midterm elections that are organized two years after the presidential elections often constitute a “punitive vote” for the existing administration.

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