Rakeen Saad reveals to Al Arabiya.net the secrets of the “midlife crisis”

She has many comedic qualities apart from the personality that appears in front of the cameras and wishes to appear in the artworks she presents, but she has recently shined by presenting many complex roles, the most prominent of which was the character “Nouf” in the first part of the series “Al Rawabi School”, and the Arab trend topped the platform throughout The period of its presentation and is waiting to participate in its second part. She also recently presented the character “Rahma”, who suffers from psychological disorders and lives amid family conflicts and is haunted by the memories of her deceased father in the series “Equiliza”, which was shown exclusively on one of the electronic platforms. In her interview with Al-Arabiya.net, Jordanian Rakin Saad talked about the difficulty of her role in the series “Etizani”, and the most difficult scenes she faced at work, in addition to her preparation for the character “Rahma” that she embodied.

“Rahma” is an extraordinary character, how was the preparation for it?

I sat with director Shadi Abdel Salam, we read the script, we did rehearsals, I worked on the role with an acting coach intensively, I watched videos about mental disorder and attended a lot for the character, and I sat with a psychiatrist, and we talked about all mental illnesses so that I had a general idea about disorders of all kinds.

Rakeen Saad

Rakeen Saad

And how did you find “mercy” when it was offered to you?

Rahma’s character is fat, difficult and enjoyable at the same time. In fact, I choose the role based on the story, whether she is affected by it and interacts with it or not. They have a kind of denial, as parents always do, “My daughter is not sick, and it is a shame that she goes to a psychiatrist.” However, she was a sensitive person and was afraid to express her opinion or be misunderstood, and she did not enjoy her own space and the lack of proper treatment led her to isolation and relapse. .

What difficulties did you face in the series “Etizani”?

One of the most difficult scenes that exhausted me in the series was the scene of suicide, because it was technically difficult and the idea of ​​portraying a person committing suicide was difficult, and my character is completely different from Rahma. It was one of the difficulties, as we filmed in a very short time.”

Rakeen Saad

Rakeen Saad

How did you find cooperation with Sidqi Sakhr in this work?

Sedqi Sakhr is my friend, and we have chemistry and great understanding, and greater success, as he is a very talented and honest actor, and he is like my brother. In the “Equilibrium” series, we used to study together and memorize the scenes that we will present, as we trained a lot on them, and I am happy that the electronic platforms support new talents and believe in us and what we offer, and I feel Grateful to her.

It was recently announced that a new part of the “Revo” series will be presented, so what do you think?

I am very happy with this news, especially after the great success achieved by the first part after it was shown on the Shahid platform. I am very excited for its release, especially since the second part will witness many surprises for the audience, and I love the character of Mary, which I embodied through the series, and I say to the audience, wait for the development of the characters. And fun events with the second part, which will be presented soon.

What did you wish to do in this work?

I wish I had scenes in the nineties in “Revo”, where I used to watch the work team preparing for that period in different clothes and different decorations, and I feel happy, but I lived through that period when I was young like the heroine “Maryam”, life was quieter, and no There is the current social media pressure.

Rakeen Saad

Rakeen Saad

What about your character in “Midlife Crisis”?

I present the character of Yasmine, which she presents in a midlife crisis, and it is a new character for me, and for the first time I present a role like him, and she is a character who has a sense of insecurity, and that pushes her to immoral actions. In fact, I am happy that the director, Karim El Adl, saw me in a role like the character “Yasmine”, and I hope The public loves it.

Rakeen Saad

Rakeen Saad

Tell us about your collaboration with director Hadi El Bagoury in the series “Blood Blood”?

Hadi Al-Bagouri Hadi and Raeq in the show, and he loves the actor very much, and I enjoy the experience of a series in cold blood with him, because I admired his works before I saw him, and so far we have completed filming the work, it will soon be shown on the “Watch” platform with the artist Ahmed Fahmy, and “Fahmy” will appear in a new way. And a different personality, and very happy with this experience, and we hope that the series will be liked by the audience when it is shown.

What do you think about the works presented on electronic platforms?

From my point of view, platform work lives in the long term if the story is real in the representation of the action stars for it, directorial and close to the audience, and platforms are nothing but a media development, and the good thing about platform work is that there is sufficient time for preparation, filming and preparation, as we are not bound by a time in which we show such series Ramadan, so productivity will be better.

What are the criteria on which you choose your roles?

When choosing roles, I focus on making it a role that I enjoy, and I hope to play a comic role, and my mother hopes that I will present a comic work. All the roles that I have played are very close to my heart, but I love the role of “Malika” in “Sunset Oasis” most, and I see it as a turning point in my career. My professional career, and the Egyptian audience introduced me to it, and “Maryam” in “Revo”, and of course “Nouf” in “Al-Rawabi School for Girls”.

What are your dreams?

I dream of reaching the world and participating in European and American film championships, but this dream will not come true until I succeed in the Arab world, and prove myself strongly in Arab drama and cinema, and then I may have an opportunity to participate in a global artwork, but everything has its time, and I am not Hurry up, and study my steps carefully.

What are the biggest challenges you face in acting?

There are many difficulties, but the most prominent for me is the long hours of photography, which can sometimes reach 48 hours, as this is very exhausting and requires prior preparation. Among the obstacles that I faced at the beginning of my artistic career was the feeling of difficulty dealing with camera angles in drama and cinema, especially since I used to work in theater since my childhood, and I was not concerned with these details.

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