Preventing theft.. Chilling images of Iraqi torture at the hands of the police

The state of anger that erupted in Iraqi circles from yesterday morning until today has not subsided, after the spread of unspeakably painful pictures of the body of an Iraqi youth who was said to have been tortured at the hands of Federal Police officers.

Despite the intervention of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani, on the crisis line, ordering an immediate investigation and finding out the circumstances, the state of tension still continues.

Chilling pictures

The tragedy began after the spread of pictures of the young man, Hassan Muhammad Aswad, showing unspeakable signs of torture, which spread throughout his body, causing him to lose his hands after his arrest for 37 days by the Federal Police.

Ibn Kirkuk revealed in a press statement that he was subjected to the most severe types of torture, insults and threats, as one of his associates vowed to destroy him.

He also added that he spent his prison term hanging without touching the ground, stressing that he had experienced death many times.

He added that he was subjected to electric torture and other various methods by the associates, which caused him to lose his fingers and burn his hands.

While he confirmed that he had received requests after his release and while he was in the hospital from unknown persons, not to file a judicial complaint against the affiliates and officers.

The reason for the arrest!

As for the reason for the arrest, he stated that he works as a guard in the industrial area, and one day he prevented a person from breaking a store, so he was arrested a week after the incident because of that.

He added that he was tortured even during the interrogation, and he was only released after his father submitted an official complaint.

The tragedy of the young Hassan sparked widespread anger in Iraqi circles, prompting the Prime Minister to intervene immediately.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani, directed his human rights advisor to follow up on the torture that the citizen was subjected to in detention in Kirkuk Governorate.

Sudanese pledge

As a government source said, Al-Sudani directed his human rights advisor to follow up on the torture of citizen Hassan Muhammad Aswad in detention in Kirkuk Governorate, which caused him to lose his hands while he was detained by the Federal Police for 37 days.

After the family of the injured young man announced that they had been subjected to security and clan pressures and threats to force them to drop the lawsuit against the involved officers, Al-Sudani informed him of his total rejection of the incident.

In addition, he assured the family that he would meet her soon, stressing that he would follow up the case himself to prevent any procrastination.

Meanwhile, angry comments poured in on social media, amid calls for the most severe penalties to be imposed on the perpetrators, considering that the injustice and torture the young man was subjected to had destroyed his future.

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