Pregnancy depression.. causes and methods of prevention

Pregnancy is usually accompanied by some problems related to women’s health, and among the variables accompanying it, psychological imbalance, as is known dejectedly pregnancy.

During that period, a woman experiences a mood disorder – sometimes sudden – that causes a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Pregnancy depression causes

Depression is almost common in pregnant women, and it has a number of causes, most notably, according to the Cleveland Clinic:

Age of the female at conception:

The younger she is, the higher her risk of depression.

– Unit:

If the pregnant woman lives in loneliness, she will often feel sadness that ends in depression.

Receiving limited social support:

It is better for the family to surround the woman during her pregnancy and to provide her with psychological support so that she does not feel that she is carrying the burden of pregnancy on her own.

A woman's loneliness during pregnancy may lead to depression - Creative Commons

Marital disputes:

The more the pregnancy period is free of family problems and marital disputes, the more stable the psychological health of women and the prevention of depression.

Uncertain about wanting to become pregnant:

If a woman is not completely convinced before her pregnancy that she wants to go through this experience, she will be at risk of depression after pregnancy, so it is preferable that the pregnancy be in consultation.

Having a previous history of depression:

If a woman had already suffered from depression before pregnancy or a psychological disorder, even if it separated him from pregnancy for a long period, she is still at risk of developing it again during her pregnancy.
Depression during pregnancy affects women’s health negatively on the one hand, and pushes them towards harmful thoughts, in addition to its effect on women’s health embryoHe feels what his mother feels, so it is important to know how to treat him.

Marital discord during pregnancy increases the possibility of depression - Creative Commons

Prevention of depression

It is possible, with following several tips, to avoid this negative feeling that accompanies pregnancy, as follows:

  • Taking care of yourself and reducing routine work is an important factor in preventing depression.
  • Engage in relaxing activities, such as yoga
  • Talking to the husband and family and asking them for support when needed

Among the treatment methods is the use of antidepressant drugs under medical supervision, which are safe and do not harm the mother or the fetus, according to what was reported by “CNN” about a scientific study conducted by researchers at the Rutgers Institute of Health.
In the event that these methods do not work, and the woman feels that she is about to enter a depressive phase, it is useful for her to go to a psychiatrist, who knows how to treat this problem.


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