Poll shows significant shift among minority voters toward Republicans

The midterm elections will begin on Tuesday. To determine the majority that will control the US Congress. To achieve a majority, the Democratic and Republican parties spend a lot of money and resources toward minorities to ensure their loyalty and to secure control of the presidency and Congress, where minorities are a decisive and weighting pillar of one party over another in electoral results.

An exclusive opinion poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal showed: Wall Street Journal In the US, the Republican Party wins the support of a larger proportion of black voters than in other recent elections, and it has improved its position in the past few months among Latino voters, according to the newspaper’s latest poll, confirming reports that see a shift in the voters’ horizon other than the Republican Party’s increasing attractiveness. Among the ethnic minorities that overwhelmingly favored the Democratic candidates.

About 17% of black voters said they They will choose a Republican candidate for Congress On a Democratic candidate in the polls, that’s a much larger share than the 8% of black voters who voted for former President Donald Trump in 2020, and the 8% who supported Republican candidates in the 2018 House of Representatives elections, according to the AP VoteCast Poll, a large voter poll. who participated in those elections.

Among Hispanic voters, Democrats led by 5 percentage points over Republicans in selecting a congressional candidate in the newspaper’s October poll, well short of the Democrats’ 11-point lead in the August poll.

Both results point to deteriorating democratic support among minorities, with Latino voters displaying high levels of concern about inflation and the direction of the economy.

VoteCast found that Latino voters in 2020 favored President Biden over Trump by 28 percentage points, and Democratic candidates in the 2018 House of Representatives by 31 points.

The results of the 2020 presidential election showed a meaningful move among Latino voters toward Trump and the Republican Party, but the evidence that preferences among black voters have shifted has been mixed, adding to the uncertainty ahead of this year’s contests.

“I think this election could be a quantum leap, as the Republicans are not only making inroads with Latinos, but now they’re making inroads with American voters from Latin America,” said John Anzalon, who conducted the newspaper’s poll with Republican Tony Fabrizio and served as the chief pollster for President Biden in 2020. African descent.

“It’s entirely possible that Republicans will reach a new high among African Americans and Hispanic voters in this election,” said Fabrizio, who was the chief pollster for President Trump in 2020.

Wes Anderson, a Republican pollster, called the shift a “demographic change”. He said his polls of Latino voters showed a growing preference for Republican candidates.

Analysts in both parties are looking for signs of whether the change in voting preferences is permanent or a temporary shift caused by current concern about inflation or the unique appeal of former President Trump, who remains prominent in the political debate even when his name is not on the ballot.

It’s a bit of a misconception that black men are turning away from Democrats, and Democrats have played down the idea of ​​many black Americans turning Republican.

Democrats say they still win by very large margins among black voters, with about 70 percent favoring a Democratic candidate in the newspaper’s latest poll, with the party winning when black turnout rises even if a portion of those voters switch to the Republican Party.

“I’m not naive enough to just think because we do that half of the blacks will start voting for us, it won’t happen overnight,” said Republican congressional candidate Wesley Hunt, who is black and is running for Congress in suburban Houston. It is up to us to deliver this message to the minorities.

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