Poisons kill dozens and save millions

The ancients used many methods of medicine, including poisons extracted from nature or animals, whether as vaccines for prevention or as a treatment to relieve pain and treat diseases, and this was called in our time traditional medicine.

The ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Indians used extracts of more than 36 species of animals, from Snakes Spiders, scorpions, cone snails, and other reptiles, poisonous animals and plants, although some of them have not been scientifically proven, and their beliefs have caused the extinction of some animals.

There is an accusation that some of these animals caused the spread of some diseases and epidemics, such as what happened with the pangolin eater, which was accused of being the source of the Corona virus, although the matter is very different now, as it has become possible to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the components extracted from wild animals in a safe way through techniques. science is possible and effective.

A drug from the venom of cone snails and lizards

After long and painstaking experiments, scientists were able to develop drugs extracted from the saliva of the poisonous Gila lizard, specifically inexatide, which greatly helped in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Ziconitide was also extracted from the venom of the cone snail, and this also helped treat many chronic pains.

Cone snail venom - Creative Commons

Medicines extracted from snake venom

And when we look at any medical pharmacy, we can see the image of a snake wrapped around a bowl and spewing its poison in it, which is not surprising, as snake venoms and snakes have a great deal in treating diseases, so the drug eptifipatide was manufactured similar to the venom of the “rattlesnake” that is settled in the southeastern United States, And it helps greatly in treating heart attacks.

The drug Batroxobin, extracted from the pit viper, which is endemic to South America, treats many hemorrhagic disorders.

Batroxobin extracted from viper pits - Creative Commons

Extracting a treatment from scorpion poisons

Poison managed hands Death Stoker is able to contribute to the recovery of many cancerous diseases, but this time not as a treatment or serum, but rather as an aid to detect small cancerous tumors, which are difficult to see in magnetic resonance imaging.

While the substance used in the treatment of stroke, “HA1a”, was extracted from the venom of repressive spiders, the Australian network, which includes 3000 molecules, after long research showed that the patient’s intake of this treatment 4 hours after a stroke, may prevent 90% of the damage caused by stroke. Stroke, and this poison hardly causes side effects for the injured person.

The venom of Australian funnel-web spiders cures many diseases - Creative Commons


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