Play my games – Menna Arafa Hattorik the veal on its origins

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen –

Accounts specialized in art and celebrity news published, via social media, bold seduction pictures of the young artist, Menna Arafa, that caught the public’s attention.

In one of the pictures, the young artist aimed her charming eyes at the camera’s eye, to exchange with her a different kind of conversation, which pleased hearts and was not uttered by tongues.

This look received a torrent of likes and comments expressing the audience’s love, love and longing for the young artist, Menna Arafa.

A follower said: “Where is Abu Hashima?” A second follower commented: “Miss Universe,” and another added: “Niall Abu Hashima, who has set his eyes on you.” This comment received dozens of likes from the audience of the beautiful Egyptian artist.

It seems that the aforementioned comment was inspired by the previous look of Menna Arafa, in which she appeared in a dress with a tiger pattern, which was said at the time that the Egyptian businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima, would marry her, as he did with his ex-Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe, and his current wife, Yasmine Sabry, when he saw them in a dress. Like the “Tiger” Arafa dress.

The Egyptian artist, Menna Arafa, recently topped the trend of the Google search index in Egypt and a number of Arab countries, after publishing a new set of photos of her, through her own account on Instagram, in which she appeared in her new “red” hair color, wearing a dress with a tiger pattern.

Menna Arafa

The fans and fans of the beautiful artist, Menna Arafa, are still searching for her through Google and various search and social networking sites.

The audience interacted with the pictures, flirting with the beauty of Arafa, while many commented on the shape of her nose, wondering whether she underwent plastic surgery or whether the use of makeup and contour was the reason for changing the shape of her nose.

On the other hand, the matter was not without some funny comments about Arafa wearing the tiger inscription, so that the name of the famous businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima was traded among the comments; As Abu Hashima became known to be a lover of the engraving and associated with every artist who wore it, after Haifa Wehbe appeared in the engraving, he married her before he divorced her several years after their marriage, then the artist Yasmine Sabry, his current wife, appeared before he married her.

And the audience congratulated Menna Arafa, on the close of her marriage to “Abu Hashima.” What was remarkable was the comment of the young Syrian artist, Talal Mardini, on Arafa’s picture; He wrote, “The sweetest girl in the world,” with a red heart emoji in the caption.

This photo of Arafa comes a short time after the news of the end of her relationship with the famous YouTuber Ali Ghazlan was circulated; The latter had earlier deleted all the photos that brought them together, which led some to speculate that Arafa is trying to appear indifferent to the end of this relationship.

Menna Arafa is one of the stars who have stirred controversy in recent years. Her fame began since childhood, and the audience knew her with works in which she appeared at the top of innocence during childhood, such as the movie “Zarf Tarek” by the artist Ahmed Helmy.

The public did not understand that the girl had become a young girl so quickly, especially since Arafa relied in her previous appearance on bold looks and make-up, in addition to changing her look more than once, the last of which was turning her hair color to red.

She also appeared on one occasion in a bold image, wearing a bikini on the beach, holding a cigarette in her hand. This image exposed her at the time to a major attack; What prompted her to state that she did not publish it and that the photo was leaked, especially while she was spending a private vacation on a beach.


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