Pictures of the North Korean leader’s daughter on a family outing among the missiles

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, appeared in pictures with his eldest daughter, broadcast by the “Korea Central News Agency” yesterday, without mentioning his daughter’s name or age, in which she appeared on a family walk with him at a missile launch center, during which he himself supervised one launch , the new “Hwasong-17” model, and its launch caused tensions. Its news can be found separately in Al

It is known that the private life of a dictator who loves nuclear bombs and ballistic missile launches is always surrounded by an iron curtain and is unknown, but retired American basketball star Dennis Rodman, 61, made a trip to North Korea in 2013, after which he told the British newspaper The Guardian that he was He spends a relaxing time on the seashore with Kim, his wife, and their infant daughter, Ju Ae, at the time, and she may have accompanied him on the picnic, because her features are of a child after almost 12, which is the age of his eldest daughter.

A second daughter also appeared last September for the 38-year-old dictator. We see her carrying the North Korean flag in the video shown by above, or she may be the same as the eldest daughter, but when she was younger, according to what experts in Chinese and Korean affairs believe. Northern.

As for the pictures, in one of them we see the leader, the father of three children born in 2010, 2013 and 2017 respectively, according to South Korean media, walking at a steady and calm pace, while holding his daughter’s hand, and in the other two seemed to give their backs to the photographer’s camera and look at a missile transcontinental.

Kim Jong-Un also appeared, sitting talking to the audience, including his daughter and wife standing looking at him, and saying that the successful missile launch test “confirms once again that North Korea’s nuclear forces have secured another reliable capability,” according to what the agency quoted, which hinted at its report. The missile test “came amid unbearable circumstances, where the moves of the United States and the hostile military forces are reckless and pushing beyond borders,” referring to South Korea and Japan.

And what the agency said about the missile that was launched from the capital, “Pyongyang” International Airport, is that it reached a height of 6,040 km, then traveled 1,000 km in 72 minutes before landing in a location near international waters, 200 km from the coast of Japan, and as a result, a festive atmosphere prevailed. In the presence of the daughter and her mother, Ri Sol Ju, as well as the commanders and soldiers, shouted with joy at the success of the experiment.

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