Pele’s family spends Christmas Eve next to him in the hospital.. and these are the developments of his condition

Pele’s relatives spent Christmas Eve, Saturday, with Brazilian soccer legend Who suffers from cancer and problems in the kidneys and heart, and his health has deteriorated recently, as they mentioned on social media.

Pele (82 years old), who suffers from colon cancer discovered in September 2021, had been hospitalized in São Paulo since the end of November. On Wednesday, his doctors spoke of “progression” in the disease and “failure in the kidneys and heart.”

Pele’s son, Edinho, who was recently appointed coach of Serie B football club Londrina, based in Paraná in the north, arrived on Christmas Eve at the medical center where he joined his sisters Flavia and Kele Nascimento.

  Pele family

Pele family

After midnight on Saturday-Sunday in Brazil, Kelly Nascimento, one of Pele’s daughters, posted a photo on Instagram showing Marcia Aoki, the former footballer’s current wife, and a number of other family members, but without Pele, in the Albert Einstein Hospital where he is being treated.

“Almost everyone. Merry Christmas. Gratitude, love, unity and family are the essence of Christmas. Thank you all for all the love and light you have sent us,” Kelly Nascimento wrote in the caption.

Earlier, Pele’s son posted a picture of him on Instagram holding the soccer star’s hand with the comment, “My father, my strength is with you.” Edinho had excused himself from attending his father’s side on Friday. “I’d like to be there, but I have obligations here today. I’m not a doctor and I can’t be of much help,” he told the Estadao newspaper on Friday.

Late Friday Kelly Nascimento posted on Instagram a photo of Pele hugging him on his hospital bed, with only half of his face visible while on respirators. “One more night together. Still here in the struggle and in the faith,” she wrote.

And before the publication of a disturbing report about Pele’s health on Wednesday, his two daughters announced that they would spend Christmas in the hospital with the former legendary striker “for many reasons.”

No specific activity was observed Saturday in front of the Einstein Hospital, where a few journalists gathered, awaiting news about the only footballer to win the World Cup three times (1958, 1962 and 1970), AFP journalists reported.


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