Pele will be buried in a gold-plated coffin in the highest cemetery in the world

Everything is ready for the funeral of Pele at the funeral. His body will be transported on Monday inside a gold-plated coffin from San Paolo to a city where a player lived for 20 years for a club bearing its name, which is “Santos”, 70 kilometers away, and there they will leave the casket in the center of a stadium called Vila Belmiro belonging to the club, to throw The people had their last look at Pele, before his burial on Tuesday, in a cemetery described by the Guinness Book of Records as the highest in the world.

The cemetery known as Memorial Necrópole Ecumênica internationally, and its construction, which began in 1983, ended after 8 years. It consists of 14 floors, its height is 108 meters, i.e. the height of an ordinary 32-storey building, and it includes 14,000 tombs, with cellars, service rooms and a crematorium, according to read about it in Brazilian media, some of whom mentioned that it is “an ideal place for families who want to preserve their heritage in a personal and private way,” and that Pele recommended that his final resting place be on its ninth floor “because it is directly facing the stadium, and because the number 9 is important to him,” according to what Reported on the website of the local newspaper A Tribuna.

And the “Black Jewel” told the newspaper early this year that the best place “after leaving this world is the one I chose to rest in peace in that cemetery, as there is peace and spiritual calm in it,” adding that in the cemetery that foreigners also choose as a final resting place, and it will be the seat of his coffin. Which was prepared long ago, “friends of mine and relatives rest in it,” he said.

No. 9 is important for Pele

Pele will lie in the highest cemetery in the world, near two of his family, who preceded him to her, namely his daughter, “Sandra”, who died at the age of 62, a victim in 2006 of breast cancer from which she suffered a lot, in addition to his brother, “Jayer”, who was 77 when he died in 2020 of cancer. The prostate, as if his family is beholden to the fate of the malignant disease, because Pele himself died last Thursday of colon cancer at the age of 82.

As for the “king” choosing the ninth floor in particular, as a place for his tomb in the cemetery, “because No. 9 is very important to him.” Through it, he honors his late father João Ramos do Nascimento in 1996 at the age of 79, who was known as Dondinho, “when he was the heart of the attack in a number of clubs.” Football he played for it, and he always wears the number 9 shirt,” according to what Pele once said about him.

On the edge of the coffin is a golden statue of Pele, and the picture on the left is his membership card in the Syrian-Lebanese club

On the edge of the coffin is a golden statue of Pele, and the picture on the left is his membership card in the Syrian-Lebanese club

And they expect that the most touching moments for those watching the funeral on television will be the march of the casket from the stadium to the burial in the cemetery on Tuesday, its passage through the streets of the city of Santos, and its arrival at the entrance of the home of his 100-year-old mother, Celeste Arantes, who resides in the city that Pele visited and longed for. Because he spent his adolescence and youth there, and was a member of the most famous club in it, which is the “Syrian-Lebanese Club”, which has been ongoing since its founding in 1952 as its most luxurious club.

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