Pay attention to a lot of muscle supplements.. it brings trouble

Masculine muscles remain a dream for young men and women, especially those in the prime of their lives, but damage may result from this goal without them realizing it.

Health experts have pointed to many concerns that may result from taking steroid injections, and using supplements and medications to increase muscle mass and reduce fat, according to the American “Washington Post”.

Big problems

The report added that these supplements may affect hormones, as the American researcher specializing in the use of what is known as “anabolic steroids”, Harrison Pope, confirmed that it has become impossible for an athlete to win a bodybuilding award in the United States without having used the supplements. and injections.

He pointed out that the use of steroids in limited and reasonable quantities is usually safe, but it is the abundance that brings trouble.

He also continued that when a user of steroids and other stimulants reaches middle age, he notices major problems at the level of the heart and brain system.

nutritional supplements (expressive)

nutritional supplements (expressive)

He stated that taking these dangerous substances increases the size of the left ventricle in the heart, or what is known as the blood pumping chamber, while the walls of the vital muscle become thicker, and then the blood flow is disturbed.

Warning of the seriousness of the matter

It is noteworthy that experts have warned that an excess of hormones leads to disorders in the body, and complications may reach the point of death and serious diseases.

The risks increase when the athlete obtains supplements and injections through friends or even unlicensed sellers, and may prepare the mixture based on a popular clip on YouTube, without the help of any health professional. And the researcher specializing in cardiology at Indiana University, Onidika Elionzi, confirms that excessive use of steroids and stimulants confuses the work of the heart at a stage of life.

Excessive steroid intake can also lead to blood clots, stroke and heart attack, as well as high blood pressure and heart failure.

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