Our missiles provided by Russia to Iran are underdeveloped

After the information that spread during the last period, about Russia providing European, specifically British missiles, which it seized during its military operations in Ukraine, to the Russian Federation. IranBritish Defense Secretary Ben Wallace played down this matter.

“There is no cause for concern because it does not contain advanced technology,” he said.

He also added in a television interview today, Friday, with the British Sky News network, that his country is following up on the issue of Moscow’s handing over to Iran, British and American missiles that were sent to Ukraine and fell into the hands of Russian forces.


In addition, he explained that the anti-tank missiles provided by his country to Kiev are highly effective, “but they are not equipped with the next generation technology that Britain is currently developing.” He pointed out that this means that there will be differences between what the Iranians have obtained and can develop – if this is true – and what London has, adding, “That is why I am not very concerned.”

But he added that London “has taken that risk into account.”

Iranian rallies (AB)

Iranian rallies (AB)

Wallace pointed out that Iran has a track record of acquiring military technologies from abroad and trying to exploit them to develop its capabilities.

He also explained, “The Iranian-made drones that were seized by the Ukrainian forces and watched by the world on television turned out to contain quite a few Western components.”

And media reports had reported earlier that Moscow had delivered to Tehran British and American anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles seized from Ukraine, in addition to 140 million euros last August, in exchange for Dozens of drones For use on the Ukrainian battlefronts.

It is noteworthy that Kyiv has in the past period accused Iran of helping Russia in its battles, by supporting it with hundreds of explosive marches, announcing the downing of more than 400 drones within a few months.

While Moscow insisted on denying these accusations, despite the Ukrainian side asserting that the wreckage is the biggest evidence, and it still exists!

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