Osama Nabih demands that Ahmed Fattouh be prepared for the Future League match

Taleb Osama Nabih, the new coach of the club’s first football team Zamalek By preparing Ahmed Fattouh, the left back of the white team, for the next Vercher match, which is scheduled for next Sunday at Cairo International Stadium, as part of the sixteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, especially since it is one of the main elements and pillars of the team.

The new technical staff of the white team set up a full rehabilitation program for Ahmed Fattouh to equip him technically and physically because of their belief in the capabilities and capabilities of the player, especially since the team missed its efforts in the match between Al-Dakhiliya, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria and Pyramids in the half of the Egypt Cup, which ended with the loss of the white team on penalties, Al-Ahly and finally against Al-Mahalla.

Nabih called on the player to adhere to the qualifying program assigned to him, so that he would be fully technically ready before facing Future, which requires everyone to focus and commit, especially since the white team does not have the luxury of losing more points in the league after its fifth place in the standings of the league table.

Osama Nabih monitors all the mistakes made by his team players in order not to repeat them in the upcoming matches, and works to correct the course after the failure and loss from Aswan, then a tie with the Interior and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, the loss from Al-Ahly and Ghazl Al-Mahalla, and a retreat to fifth place in the Egyptian Premier League ranking table.

Nabih and his auxiliary apparatus are working to address the mistakes of the Zamalek players that they committed during the past matches in order to avoid them in the next Future match scheduled for next Sunday in the sixteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, in addition to working to restore things to their proper place and reconcile the fans of the team. the White.

Nabih sent many warning messages to the players not to be complacent or negligent, and asked them to implement his technical instructions inside the stadium, explaining to them that Future has strong elements and a team to be reckoned with, and the stars of the white team understood the point of view of their “technical director” and promised him tactical commitment in the match.

Osama Nabih assumed the task of technical leadership for Zamalek, succeeding Ferreira, as the white team prepares to face Future next Sunday, at Cairo International Stadium, as part of the sixteenth week of the league competition.


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