On the air.. An Egyptian journalist announces the donation of his organs after his death

In a move that brings the issue back to the fore, Egyptian journalist Jaber Al-Qarmouti announced live on air his approval of the Organ donation after death He and some of his teammates.

“not bang”

And he said during an episode, yesterday, Thursday, of his program, “Manchette,” that he has absolutely no objection to donating his organs after death, as long as the procedures are correct.

And about the motive for making such a fateful decision, he said: “It is possible that my brother, father, or someone dear to us may be in need, and I did not treat it as a bang, and we, with our full will, will see the procedures and walk through them, and I am not making a campaign, and there are artists and public figures who did it.”

Al-Qarmouti pointed out that Al-Azhar and the Church have authorized this donation since 2010, explaining that the aim of announcing the matter is to raise awareness and make it clear that it is not a heresy.

Act of charity

A number of artists and community stars had previously supported the idea of ​​organ donation after death, including writer Khaled Montaser, journalist Farida Al-Shobashi and artist Elham Shaheen, who documented the matter in the Real Estate Month.

And she said, through a video on her page on social networking sites, that she was the first to call for this, preceded by Dr. Khaled Montaser, and that “a person after his death will have his organs a feast for worms in the earth to eat, wondering why it is not given to another living person to benefit from it and to relieve his pain and have mercy on him from his diseases.” “.

Currently studying Egypt Recording the choice of organ donation after death in the national identity cards Similar to what is applied in some countries of the world.

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