On her birthday… Hind Rostom is the reason for Al-Ahly star to enter the art world

Today, Saturday, November 12, is the birthday of Marilyn Monroe in the East, the great artist Hend Rostom, who was born on this day in 1931, and who still lives among her fans immortal with her artwork in the conscience of her audience, and is one of the most important and prominent stars in the history of Egyptian art, and always She has her own mark in every work she presents, even when she presented the temptation, she presented it in an elegant manner.

Hind Rostom revealed her football inclinations. In a previous interview with Al-Kawakeb magazine in 1965, the late star recounted a situation expressing her love for Zamalek, saying: “I am very Zamalek .. I was in Lebanon when he won Zamalek In one of the matches against Al-Ahly, and at that time, my daughter called me on the phone, informing me of the news, even though she is a family, and I met her by saying, “Congratulations, Mama. You won 3 zero.”

And earlier, Adel Heikal, the former Al-Ahly star, told the story of his intrusion into acting in a previous interview: “I was a friend of Jamal Al-Laithi, Farid Shawqi and Omar Sharif, we used to meet together and attend matches in the stadium, and when Saleh Selim participated in the movie (The Seven Girls) 1961, the producer spoke to me Jamal Al-Leithi offered me to take an acting experience and I agreed, although I was not welcomed at first, adding, “When I went to shoot, I didn’t know my role or its size. I told him like the moon, he said, “Are you going to her fiancé?” I told him, “Okay, come to the studio.”

Hind Rostom presented up to 100 films, one of the most famous films in Egyptian cinema, the most prominent of which are Hind’s characters, “Hanuma” in Bab Al-Hadid, “Toha” in the movie “Touha” with Mohsen Sarhan, directed by Hassan Al-Saifi, and “Tohma” in the movie “Ismail” Yassin in the Hospital for the Insane” and Aziza in “Ibn Hamido” with Ahmed Ramzy.

In 1979, the artistic career of a star who fell in love with the cinema screen ended, as Hind Rostom retired from art while she was at the height of her stardom, out of respect for the wishes of her husband, Dr. Muhammad Fayyad, whom she married after her divorce from director Hassan Reda.


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