Nokia 2780 Flip.. Price and specifications of the foldable Nokia phone (photos)

Updated Thursday 3/11/2022 09:13 PM Abu Dhabi time

The Finnish company HMD Global presented its latest foldable phones, under the name Nokia 2780 Flip, with a clamshell design and T9 keys.

The phone has a 2.7-inch TFT screen on the inside and a second screen with a diagonal of 1.77 inches on the outside, the cover also contains space for a single 5-megapixel camera with fixed focus and LED flash.

The 2780 Flip is powered by a Qualcomm 215 chipset that features a quad-core 1.3GHz CPU and an X5 LTE modem with maximum downlink speeds of 150Mbps.

The phone supports VoLTE and RTT – real-time text messaging that allows messages to be sent during a call.

Nokia has listed the phone with 512MB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM, although this might be confusing as the feature phone doesn’t need a lot of memory. It runs on KaiOS 3.1 and offers features like FM radio, MP3 support, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support.

A removable 1450mAh battery, which is very rare these days.

The Nokia 2780 Flip looks a lot like the Nokia 2760 Flip, but the main change here is FM radio support, as well as two different colors, red and blue.

Pricing is set at $90 and sales will start on November 15 in the US.

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