Night demonstrations in Iran… and the currency is collapsing under the pressure of the protests

Protests continue in Iran, where night demonstrations took place in Ahwaz and the capital, Tehran, while citizens in the city of Tabriz, northwestern Iran, organized a silent demonstration to condemn the regime’s suppression of popular demonstrations in the country.

Iranian security forces attacked protesters in the Starkhan district, in the center of the capital, Tehran, to denounce the execution of Mohsen Shakari. It was reported that the demonstrators in the Starkhan area chanted “Death to Khamenei”, “Death to the Basij”, and “Death to the child-killing regime”.

Karroubi criticizes Khamenei

Commenting on the protests in Iran and the issuance of death sentences against protesters, the reformist leader in Iran, Mahdi Karroubi, confirmed that the execution of Mohsen Shakari was a prelude to the loss of life, according to what pleases those in power.

Karroubi criticized the Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime, Ali Khamenei, saying that he wants to warn everyone who challenges his individual tyranny with the means of repression while he is unaware that the theory of victory by terror is no longer effective, considering that Khamenei does not care about the reality of the protest but rather focuses only on ending it and eliminating it, and deliberately attributes all Demonstration to enemies to give legitimacy to oppression.

A female student scolds the representative of Qom

During the visit of Qom’s representative in the Iranian Parliament, “Mojtaba Zulnouri” to the University of Qom, a female student asked him about the reason for the execution of “Mohsen Shakari” on charges of blocking the street, and if the penalty for blocking the street is death. When Dhu al-Nuri smiled, the student scolded him, saying: Aren’t you ashamed? Do you execute people’s children and then smile?

In Germany, Interior Minister Nancy Weser expressed, in a video message, her solidarity with the Iranian uprising, and called on everyone to defend the Iranian people. She also addressed the citizens of Iranian origin and told them that Germany would be their voice and that it would provide them with protection.

The currency is collapsing

The ailing Iranian rial fell to a new low against the dollar, as unrest continued and the country grew increasingly isolated amid Western criticism of Iran’s strict security measures and its relations with Russia.

In protest against the death sentences issued by the Iranian authorities against the demonstrators, the Iranian community in Berlin held a vigil and raised banners and slogans denouncing the regime’s suppression of the protesters.

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