New motives.. “Her mother’s killer” in Egypt sparks a shocking surprise

New and shocking details witnessed in the investigations into the case of the murder of an Egyptian woman at the hands of her daughter and her lover in the city of Port Said, north of Cairo, which was known in the media asThe case of her mother’s killer.

A bold confession

During the investigations, the girl, Nourhan, the murderer of her mother, with the help of her young young lover, admitted that she was not a virgin, while the investigations suggested that the mother caught her daughter in the arms of her lover while they were practicing vice, so they decided to kill her so that their matter would not be exposed.

Investigations revealed that the daughter was engaged to a young man from the city months ago, after a passionate love story, and the mother participated in several financial associations to arrange the expenses of her marriage and prepare the marital nest for her, but it turned out that the murderous daughter was cheating on her fiancé with her young neighbor, who is 16 years old. And he frequented her apartment to make forbidden love with her in the absence of her mother, until the mother caught them recently, so they decided to kill her.

She poured boiling water to confirm death

Investigations revealed that the daughter, after the neighbor killed her mother, decided to pour boiling water over her body to ensure her death, and it was also found that the mother asked her daughter and her lover to leave her to pronounce the two testimonies before they completely ended her life.

The security authorities had received a report stating the death of a woman in her forties inside her house in the new Fayrouz area of ​​Port Fouad, and a research team was formed to find out the causes of the accident.

the victim’s mother

The examination revealed that the body of a 42-year-old woman named Dalia Samir Al-Houshi, who is married and supports 3 children, and works as a labor supervisor at Port Fouad General Hospital, was found inside her house in the Al-Fayrouz neighborhood, while her daughter said that a thief broke into their apartment and tried to steal her and had to kill her mother after Expose him.

The security men were suspicious of the daughter, and by clamping down on her, she collapsed and confessed to the existence of a sinful relationship between her and the young neighbor, who is several years younger than her, and that she took advantage of the absence of her family to meet him inside her house until the mother caught them, so he decided to kill her and get rid of her.

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