New leaks of Samsung Galaxy S23 plus phones

What’s more, about the latest deliveries expected to be announced at their annual gathering on the 1st of next February, the clearest and most elevated series, the core series in Samsung galaxy series of phoneswhich is the S category of Samsung’s top-of-the-line phones, the next variant is Samsung galaxyS23 with all the unusual variant, which is Samsung galaxy S23 plus Samsung glaxyS23 Ultra is the newest variant among them.

New leaks for Samsung phones

Moreover, a site keen on the field of mobile phones has distributed another punctuation about these impending variants, and recalls the new break, which is the closest to the real world, pictures of those phones for various deliveries, in which there is a Samsung Universe S23 Plus The figure is shown in light pink, while The top version, the Samsung Cosmic S23 Ultra, is shown in green.

Latest leaks about the latest features

The news continues to reveal insights into the S23 series, and the latest nitty gritty that came through “Evan Blass” has revealed the additions that can be accessed from galaxy system s23 seriesPlus, the Korean giant’s Galaxy S23 Plus offers a “Clear Device” case, with a dark, brown, or green leather case. There is also a dark hard case and cream and green silicone cases

New leaks for Samsung phones

While the leaks monitored some minor changes that will occur in the next version, that the three copies of the S23 phones will come with a foldable screen instead of the top version only Ultra as it was in the previous versions, and also all copies will be presented with rings of the same color as the phone around three cameras from The rear four.

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