New leaks about the “iOS 17” operating system on iPhone phones

Follow-up – Jawdat Nasri

The latest reports indicate that “Apple” intends to release iOS 17 to the public, to replace iOS 16 as the latest iPhone operating system, and according to leaks, the iOS 17 version will include significant improvements to iMessage, and according to the annual report of “Apple” it is expected to issue the main update. The end of 2023, specifically in September, which is the most likely month for the launch of the updated version.

The date of the release of iOS 17 in the market

Of course, the iOS 17 version will go through a beta phase before it is officially put on the market for users, and you can use that version by subscribing only to the Apple Beta Software Program, after the success of that stage, the version will be available for public use if your device system is compatible with it, you can manually Search for iOS updates by entering Settings, then General, then Software Update, according to what was mentioned on the “lifewire” website.

Advantages of the iOS 17 version

Creating a more advanced version of Siri, especially in offline mode.

– Improvements in managing notifications.

New Dynamic Island uses, and updates to “Stock apps” like Mail, Safari, Messages, Music, and Weather.

Expectations about the increase of lock screen widgets.

Expectations about the existence of a feature that allows recording calls.

Allowing “Apple” users to download applications from stores other than the Apple App Store.

Provide a companion app for the Apple VR headset.

A version of iMessage that supports chat rooms and AR features.

Devices that support iOS 17

It is expected that the iOS 17 version will work with the same models that work with iOS 16, which are:

– iPhone Pro Max11

– iPhone pro11

– iPhone 11

iPhone Se

iPhone mini 12

iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

Rolling out iOS 16.3

According to the latest developments, “MacRumors” indicated that “Apple” again received a series of notifications by iOS 16 users, stating that there are some defects in operation, most notably slow keyboard response, camera freezes, and a clear defect in the user interface, according to the survey that Research conducted by Rjey Tech revealed that 44% of iPhone owners reported more app crashes since updating to iOS 16.2.

In response to this problem, “Apple” made available yesterday, Thursday, January 19, 2023, the release of iOS 16.3, which in turn addressed the problem of the appearance of horizontal lines on phone screens.

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