New Hollywood shock incident.. Baldwin sues the gun official

upload American actor Alec Baldwin A gunslinger and three other crew members are sued over the fatal shooting on the set of “Rust” that rocked Hollywood.

Director of photography Helena Hutchins was killed by a bullet fired from a pistol Baldwin was using to rehearse a scene during filming in New Mexico.

Baldwin filed the suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court as a complaint stemming from a previously filed suit by one of the film’s crew members accusing Baldwin and others.

Responsible for the firearms in the movie Rust

Responsible for the firearms in the movie Rust


Baldwin said in the new lawsuit that it was negligence that caused the tragedy, and he sought damages for his “extreme grief”.

He added, “This tragedy occurred because live bullets arrived at the shooting location and were placed inside the pistol.”

This is one of many claims relating to the October 21, 2021 tragedy, which is under criminal investigation and may lead to charges in the state of New Mexico.

In the sub-suit, Baldwin alleges Hannah Gutierrez Reid, the supervisor of the use of weapons on the set, Dave Halls, the first assistant director, Seth Kinney, the equipment supplier, and Sarah Zachry, the equipment manager.

Baldwin’s Responsibility

“Baldwin is responsible for this tragedy,” Gutierrez Reid’s attorney, Jason Bowles, said in an email on Saturday.

The four are also accused along with Baldwin in the original lawsuit brought by the scriptwriter who said the shooting caused her severe emotional distress.

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