New exclusion of Benzema .. “important” message in the “hotel room”

Details of the exclusion of French star Karim Benzema from his country’s national team participating in the last World Cup continued to be revealed, a decision that led him to announce his international retirement. .

And “AS” wrote on Wednesday: Benzema knew that his injury was just a minor discomfort in the right thigh muscles and that it was not a big thing, and even if you forced him to be absent, this means that he will return to confirmation in the final price match, according to the Real Madrid doctor’s assurances.

And she continued: Benzema was shocked by Doctor Le Gall, who came to visit him with Deschamps to tell him the details of his injury and tell him, “I’m sorry, Karim, but you have to leave.” Deschamps did not speak a word while telling the Real Madrid striker about the news of the exclusion, especially since Olivier Giroud is considered a favorite of the coach at the expense of Benzema, especially since the doctor later admitted that the former Juventus and Monaco coach was the one who taught him the message he told him in the hotel room and that it was “important.”

Benzema did not respond to the team doctor or coach or even discuss with them the possibility of his return after rehabilitation, but rather prepared his bag and booked a ticket to Madrid to start the next day the rehabilitation stage at Real Madrid headquarters and then go on a short vacation and follow it with a picture of him from a friendly meeting in front of Leganes.

Benzema had announced his retirement from playing with the French national team one day after losing in the final against Argentina at the age of 35, and after participations that began in 2007 and stopped due to his problems from 2015 until last year when he was summoned to the last European Cup.

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