Mystery about the fate of the missing Egyptian captain in Turkey

Mystery still dominates the scene of the explosion of the Panamanian cargo ship, which was carrying 17 people, including 13 Egyptians, a Georgian, a Ukrainian and an Albanian, in the Black Sea near the Turkish coast, where it is still The Egyptian captain of the ship, Hossam Ahmed Thabet Missing, while no one knows yet why what happened to the ship and led it to sink.

The Panamanian ship BEATA exploded and sank on the Turkish coast, as it was loaded with coal from Trabzon, Turkey, before it exploded near the coast of Sinop in the Black Sea.

16 of the ship’s crew managed to escape, while its captain, Hossam Thabeth Abdel Hafez, an Egyptian national, is still missing, and no one knows his whereabouts or the whereabouts of his body.

the ship

the ship

his last trip

Muhammad Karim, the son of the missing captain’s aunt, told that the company in which the Egyptian captain works was not aware of his loss and called the family asking about him and inquiring about his presence, believing that he had returned from his last voyage.

He added that multiple accounts were issued about the accident, including what was mentioned by one of the captain’s colleagues, which is that one of the workers on the boat was cooking something in his room and caused a fire and explosion on the ship, and another version says that one of the crew members heard the sound of an explosion whose source was not clear, so he called for help, which arrived at the site. The ship after its explosion, after which all the ship’s members jumped into the water to escape from the fire, and a number of them were recovered, while his aunt’s son is still missing.

He revealed that the Egyptian authorities are following up with the family and assuring them that the search is still continuing, explaining that the captain’s elder brother traveled to the accident site to continue the search for his brother.

Sadness and unknown fate

He said that the missing captain is married and supports a son and two daughters, indicating that the family’s situation is very difficult and deplorable over the fate of her son, as she does not know yet whether he is still alive or died by burning or drowning.

He pointed out that the accident occurred last Tuesday, and a number of the ship’s crew had been confirmed to have survived and are now being treated in a hospital called Samsun in Samsun state.

For its part, the Professional Syndicate for Egyptian and Foreign Sailors in Alexandria revealed other details about the accident, and said in an official statement that Captain Mustafa Asran, Secretary General of the Syndicate, contacted the Panamanian company operating the ship, and reported reassurance on the condition of the crew, especially the Egyptian crew.

Second and third degree burns

The company stated that the number of the crew consists of 17 sailors, including 13 Egyptians, confirming that 6 of the crew members are in stable condition and are currently staying in a hotel, and 4 cases of moderate injuries are receiving treatment, while the condition of the chief officer is moderate and on the way to improvement, although his burns are of the second degree. .

He revealed that the operating company indicated that the condition of two crew members, a welder and an electrician, is critical and they have burns of the second and third degrees, and they are receiving treatment continuously.

Regarding the cause of the accident, the union’s general secretary said that the company informed him that the accident was due to a fire caused by an explosion in the boiler and flames erupting from one of the welders’ cabins. Underneath this cabin was an oil boiler that heats the cabins, which led to an electric short circuit and then a fire.

Regarding the fate of the Egyptian captain, the union secretary revealed that the last one who saw him was Bahri Al-Wardiyeh, as the fire occurred at exactly eight thirty in the morning when some of the crew members were sleeping, and when he heard the sound of the fire, he went down to check the situation and saw the captain, and then he disappeared, indicating that he was listed The captain was officially declared missing, and the Sinop Governor’s Office reported that the ship’s captain was considered to have lost his life.

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